Guide to choosing to buy quality plywood




Plywood is a very popular material to be used today thanks to its advantages such as low cost, ease of construction, applications in many different fields such as furniture, construction, ships... So how to Choose to buy quality plywood, let's find out with LongDat Corp through the following article!


1. Determine the type of plywood to buy

Plywood currently has main types such as: packaging plywood, commercial plywood, film coated plywood, container flooring plywood, birch face plywood, each type of plywood will have its own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable. with different uses, so you should clearly determine what type of plywood you need to buy, so that you can choose the appropriate type of plywood.


2. Determine the size of plywood to buy

Although there is usually a certain size for Vietnam plywood, you need to clearly determine the size to use plywood for your work, in order to order a quantity of plywood with the right size, to avoid being damaged. excess or shortage of plywood, costing you time and money.


3. Determine the plywood thickness to buy

Each type of plywood has a different thickness, so you need to clearly determine the thickness for the type of plywood material you need to buy, then choose the right thickness of plywood, or if the thickness The standard for ready-made plywood is not met, you can contact the plywood manufacturer directly about changing the thickness to suit your requirements.


4. Check the plywood surface

The surface of Vietnam plywood needs to be checked carefully, you should see if the surface of the plywood you need to buy is scratched, cracked, broken or not, to ensure aesthetics, and also to ensure quality. for the material you will use.


5. Check the glue of plywood

Vietnam plywood is essentially a series of layers that are bonded with glue, so you need to check the condition of the plywood glue, loss of adhesion, or other conditions to ensure the quality of the material. data before using for your project.


6. Check the corners and edges of stretched wood

You need to check the edges of the plywood to see if it is warped, cracked or not, open to water, moldy inside, affecting the quality of the plywood or not.

7. Consult the price of plywood

The selling price of plywood is basically different at each business, due to different production processes, input materials or policies, but the price of plywood is usually within a certain range, you should refer to the wood price list. paste the following to get more information to make choosing plywood easier.




Wholesaling Price


Packing Plywood



Commercial Plywood



Film Faced Plywood



Container Flooring Plywood

420-600 USD/M3


Birch Plywood

300-700 USD/M3



8. Choose a reputable plywood seller

To ensure the quality of plywood as well as the good price of plywood, you should only buy plywood at reputable plywood suppliers in the market, reputable plywood sellers will help you feel secure about the quality. plywood quality, clear product warranty, and support to advise you on choosing the right type of plywood for your needs.

Above is a summary of experience in choosing quality plywood that Long Dat Corp would like to share with you, hoping to help you get more useful information for your plywood purchase.

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