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Details of product

Vietnam film faced plywood with outstanding advantages such as high durability, aesthetics, is your perfect choice. Contact Long Dat for detailed advice and to order film faced plywood.


1. About film faced plywood

Vietnam film faced plywood also known as film-coated plywood, water-resistant plywood is a type of plywood made from thinly cut wood layers and bonded together with 100% WBP - Phenolic water-resistant special glue. , by hot pressing method at a temperature of 125 - 140 degrees Celsius, with the surface covered with 2-sided Stora enso film.

Vietnam film faced plywood

2. Information about film faced flywood

Information about film faced flywood are as follows:

- Type: Both filmfaced, single-filmfaced, tego plywood
- Size: 1220 x 2440 – 1250 x 2500
- Thickness: 12 – 15 – 18 – 21 (mm)
- Face and back: Vietnam film face, 120-140gr/m2
- Core: Mixed hardwood (acacia, eucalyptus, styrax)
- Hot pressing: 2 times
- Core sanding: Yes
- Thickness tolerance: 0.5mm up and down.

Vietnam film faced plywood

3. Advantages and disadvantages of film faced plywood

Vietnam film faced plywood has specific advantages and disadvantages as follows:

3.1 Advantages of film faced plywood

Vietnam film faced plywood has the following specific advantages:

- Film faced plywood with flat surface, no need to add mortar.
- The weight of Vietnam film faced plywood is relatively light, so it is easy to move, load, unload, construct and install in the construction site. From there, it helps to reduce labor resources, shorten the construction time of housing projects quite a lot.
- Vietnam film faced plywood can be used many times, even up to 7 times. Thus, it not only brings efficiency to the project, but also ensures a lot of cost savings.
- Vietnam film faced plywood has the ability to withstand large external forces, ensuring safety when executing construction works.
- Vietnam film faced plywood can be constructed and installed easily thanks to the characteristics of easy sawing, splitting, and good adhesion.

3.2 Disadvantages of film faced plywood

The disadvantage of Vietnam film faced plywood is that it is more expensive than other types of plywood and requires proper installation and construction to ensure the best quality for the project.

Vietnam film faced plywood

4. Application of film faced plywood

Vietnam film faced plywood is mainly used to make formwork in construction, due to its high water resistance and durability, and can be reused many times, so it helps customers save a lot of money. .

In addition, Vietnam film faced plywood is also used in interior construction.

5. Contact for importing Vietnam film faced plywood

To Vietnam plywood import in general and Vietnam film faced plywood in particular, please contact Long Dat directly with the following information:

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