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Plywood is a very popular product in the market today, especially for international customers when they are very fond of plywood products made from Vietnam. So what is the production process of plywood in Vietnam? Let's find out with LongDat through the article below!

The plywood production process usually has 3 main stages, which are wood harvesting, wood processing and plywood production. 

1. Stage 1: Harvesting wood

Selection of suitable trees (broadleaf or coniferous)

Using a cutter, take the wood, remove the branches and leaves, and then transport it to the processing plant

2. Stage 2: Wood treatment

The wooden body after being brought back will be soaked in the lake for a certain period of time. This makes the machine easy to peel and easy to cut to many sizes.

3. Stage 3: Plywood production

The details of this stage are as follows:


- Step 1: Peel and cut the wood into pieces according to the required size, then put into the leaf cutter to form a thin wooden board - core veneer.
- Step 2: Drying core veneer (air dry or kiln dry) to reach the specified moisture content.
- Step 3: Applying glue in to core veneer and arranging layers.
- Step 4:
Put the board into the cold press to flatten and make sure the glue is evenly distributed. Bring the board to hot press for the specified time so that the thin wood panels are tightly bonded together.
- Step 5: After hot pressing, the plywood is cooled and put into the trimming and sanding machine to remove the edge, smooth the surface.
- Step 6: Adding face/back into sanded core, with glue and second pressing.
- Step 7: Cut to size, remore the edge, and checking quality before packing into bundles

After completing 3 stages, plywood will be packed according to regulations and stored in warehouse or distributed to necessary places.

Above is the production process of plywood in Vietnam, you can refer to it. You can also refer to Vietnamese plywood products manufactured by Long Dat at our website.

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