Instructions for shipping, using and repairing plywood properly




In the previous article, LongDat shared with you an article about plywood maintenance instructions, and to help you get other useful information about plywood, we would like to send you an article to share instructions for shipping, using and repairing plywood properly as follows.

1. Plywood shipping

The process of plywood shipping must be very careful, avoiding collisions or dropping plywood because any scratches, cracks or chipped edges will affect the aesthetics of the plywood, and "involve ” to the concrete surface after removing the board.

plywood shipping

If there is no forklift to support, when loading plywood on or off the floor, you must load plywood one by one according to the principle of upright first, then loading on the side.

With the plywood panels still intact, with the belt, it is imperative to use a forklift to move. This not only ensures the safety of the plywood, but also makes the transportation process easier and more efficient. Only when transporting to the place of use will the belt be cut.

plywood saw

2. Use plywood

For plywood of suitable size for the purpose of use, the plywood sheet can be used.

For plywood of inappropriate size, if you have to saw the plywood into small pieces, use a saw blade with 100 teeth, the outer diameter is about 305mm, the tooth thickness is from 2.5 to 3.2mm, the rotation speed is from 3000 to 3600 rpm to ensure that the saw line is correct and does not affect the board.

In addition, the holes drilled in the plywood must be determined first, then drill in both sides of the plywood. After drilling, use waterproof paint or special glue (this glue usually comes with plywood, provided by the distributor) to paint over the drilled holes.

When bringing plywood to the construction site, plywood must be placed on high, absolutely not directly on the ground, including water-resistant boards. At the same time, use silver to cover the plywood, avoid rain and sun or other items and equipment that may fall on the plywood.

Some people often take advantage of the plywood surface to put items on top. This is not recommended, especially heavy items, because they not only scratch the surface of the plywood but also cause the plywood to warp or sink in the long run.

plywood repair

3. Plywood repair

Use water or specialized cleaners to clean plywood. With film-coated plywood, do not use sharp iron or metal brushes to brush the concrete on the surface of the board as this may damage the film on the surface of the board.

If the plywood is unfortunately scratched or broken, it must be treated immediately by using waterproof paint and applying 3 layers to the board. Or you can use specialized glue (phenolic glue) to fix it.

Above is a sharing article about instructions for shipping, using and repairing plywood, you can refer to it. In case you are in need of importing plywood from Vietnam, please refer to the list of Vietnamese plywood at our website and contact Long Dat for detailed instructions.

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