Why is the Vietnnam plywood price cheaper than in other countries?




Plywood price is one of the first things that customers care about, plywood from Vietnam is chosen by customers around the world partly because the Vietnam plywood price is competitive compared to the region, so why is the Vietnam plywood price is cheaper than other countries? let's find out through the following article.


Vietnam plywood is no stranger to customers in the fields of furniture, construction, shipbuilding ... in the world, plywood from Vietnam is selected to serve the work of the above fields. a lot, because there are outstanding advantages.

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2.1 Vietnam plywood source

Vietnam is a country located in the tropical monsoon climate, so natural resources, especially natural wood, are very rich, the types of wood for plywood production are very diverse, and of very good quality. This is part of the reason why Vietnam plywood price are competitive in the market.

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2.2 Cheap labor cost

Vietnam is a country with a high proportion of the population in working age, abundant human resources, so the cost of labor is cheaper than in developed countries, so Vietnam often exports labor to Vietnam. more developed countries.

The advantage of labor is also the reason why Vietnam plywood price are cheaper to compete with plywood manufactured from other countries in the world.


2.3 Economic opening policy

Vietnam has applied the economic opening policy since 1986, and so far there are many policies to help the country integrate into the world economy, creating conditions for businesses to import and export goods easily. .

Therefore, Vietnamese plywood manufacturers have better conditions in exporting plywood to partners in the world, this is also the reason why Vietnamese plywood price are competitive in the market.

2.4 Traffic in Vietnam is convenient

Vietnam is a country with a convenient transportation network for easy trade, import and export of goods, so it is convenient for Vietnamese plywood manufacturers to export plywood. to partners in the world through ways such as sea, air, and land.


2.5 Advanced plywood production line

Vietnam plywood factory such as LongDat have modern plywood production lines, helping to increase work productivity, ready to meet the large plywood production orders of their partners, because of their initiative. The production volume is also the reason why Vietnam plywood price are competitive in the market.

And there are many other reasons why Vietnam plywood price are cheaper to compete in the market compared to plywood manufactured in other countries, you can refer to Vietnam plywood products at plywood catalog at our website.

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