What is wood glue? Notes when using wood glue




Plywood is a very popular product used today, and to shape products made from plywood, we can't help but mention wood glue, so what is wood glue? And what should be noted when using wood glue? Let's find out with Long Dat Corp right here!

1. What is wood glue?

Wood glue is a highly adhesive substance used to glue wood, carpentry materials, interior products and accessories such as tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, wooden floors, doors, ceilings, ... They are usually with organic ingredients, good stickiness, so it can be used to replace drilling, nailing, etc. conveniently and quickly.

What is wood glue? Notes when using wood glue

2. Instructions for using wood glue properly and safely

Wood glue is easy to use but needs to be done properly to ensure safety and keep the adhesion high. Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Clean the material to be pasted

For high adhesion, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the material to be glued is clean and dry. This will double the adhesion and durability.

Step 2: Apply glue to the surface of the material

Depending on the area to be glued, you take the right amount of glue. Each type of material will have an appropriate adhesive. Moreover, you should read the user manual carefully before using it!

Step 3: Ensure adhesive conditions

After gluing, it is necessary to ensure that the glued place is insulated, away from direct sunlight, and away from dust and water. You should wait enough time according to the characteristics of each glue to create the best adhesion for the material.

What is wood glue? Notes when using wood glue 2

3. Note when using wood glue

When using wood glue, there are precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of the user. Please keep the following in mind!

- Clean the glue nozzles after use because they are easy to clump and stick, difficult to use for the next time;
- Most wood glue will lose its effectiveness after 12 months when the shelf life expires, some can last longer, up to 24 months;
- Always wear gloves when using wood glue because they are highly sticky and easily stick to hands
- If glue is stuck, refer to the removal method in the product instructions. If eye contact occurs, seek medical attention immediately!

What is wood glue? Notes when using wood glue 3

Above is the information about wood glue that Long Dat Corp would like to share with you, hoping to help you gain more useful knowledge. If you have a need to learn about Vietnam plywood types, please refer to our product catalog!

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