Long Dat - Vietnam plywood factory




LongDat is a plywood factory in Vietnam with a total area of ​​more than 2.5 hectares, and production capacity reaches 150 cubic meters per day, we are currently exporting plywood to nearly 20 countries worldwide.


With a Vietnam plywood factory and warehouse meeting international standards, LongDat is ready to meet the strictest requirements on standards of plywood manufactured in Vietnam.


- Address: Vo Lao Ward, Thanh Ba District, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam.
- Total area: 2.5 ha.
- Total number of workers: 200-220 workers.
- Production capacity: 150 cubic meters/day
- Storage: over 4000 cubic meters.
- Container Bridge: 01 concrete bridge - 05 containers/day.
- Forklift: 05 forklifts
- Truck: 02

In addition, we also supplying other wood products such as fingerjoint board, deck tilles, etc. You can refer to our products directly on website longdat.com or contact us.

Vietnam Plywood Company is always ready to serve all your needs about plywood, we are always committed to bringing plywood products with the best quality to you.

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