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Bed is an indispensable thing in every family, the bed is a place to help us relax and rest after a tiring day of work, let's take a look with Long Dat through beautiful bed models made from Vietnam plywood over the following post !

1. Information about the bed

The bed is such a familiar item, but to understand exactly the information about the bed, not everyone knows, so let's find out the detailed information with Long Dat right here!

1.1 What is a bed?

Bed is a bedroom furniture, with the main material being wood or metal, used for rest, relaxation and sleep. Can be spread on the surface of the bed with a mattress, or a mat to increase comfort and comfort. On the bed, there are usually pillows, hug pillows, pillows, blankets, blankets, ...

1.2 The role of the bed

Sleep plays an important role in keeping us healthy. If sleep is not guaranteed, a good night's sleep will lead to many diseases. Therefore, the bed is considered an important piece of furniture to help you sleep well.

Bed directly affects the quality of sleep, thereby affecting your working mood, happiness in a day. Investing in a good and suitable bed is the first and foremost concern.

The bed helps to support the body, avoiding direct contact with the soil and insects. Help your body become more comfortable and secure

1.3 Structure of the bed

A basic bed today is composed of the following 5 parts:

a. Bed's head

The headboard is often made from large wooden panels with a great height to distinguish the head of the bed and the end of the bed. The headboard also works to make the bed more aesthetically pleasing.

Some types of beds will cost more when there are luxurious and high-class upholstered headboards. Besides, it also has the effect of creating comfort for the user when leaning back to read a few pages of a book before going to bed.

Dimensions of the headboard:

Height: 80-90cm.
Width: the headboard will add 7cm.
The thickness of one type of headboard is usually 17 or 25 cups. Depending on the requirements of each family, the thickness and thinness of the wood panels will be adjusted accordingly.
bed structure

b. Bed frame

This is the part in direct contact with other parts, the most important part. Has the function of bearing the full weight and shaping the bed. Usually use natural wood because of its sturdy use, if economic conditions do not allow, you can use industrial wood instead.

c. Bed foot

Mounted directly to the bed frame. Responsible for balancing as well as bearing the bed frame. A bed usually has 4 legs with an average length of 2 - 70cm. Some Japanese, box or legless beds will not have a footboard.

In some bedrooms in humid weather conditions, you should use the high foot of the bed to create ventilation.

d. Bed Wall

As the surrounding wall, with the task of reinforcing the bed frame, creating certainty for the user.

The side of the bed is often decorated with textures, creating an aesthetic for the bed.

e. Reflector or bed surface

This is a large wooden board, consisting of 1 or 2 panels, or woven by wooden slats, with the task of creating a stable flat surface for you to lie on.

vietnam plywood bed

2. Bed made of plywood

In the past, the bed was usually made from natural wood, but later there were many other substitute materials such as iron, plywood... In this article, Long Dat would like to introduce to you in detail about the bed made of wood. plywood!

2.1 What is a bed made of plywood?

Vietnnam plywood bed is a type of bed with the main parts used being plywood, in addition, some extra parts or special positions can be combined with other materials to increase the bearing capacity. force or increase the durability of the bed.

2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of plywood beds

The advantage of a bed made from plywood is that the design is easy to change to fit the space of each room, the weight is lighter than that of natural wood and the price is also cheaper.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of bed is that its durability is not equal to materials such as natural wood or iron…

3. Collection of beautiful bed models made from plywood

Below is a summary of beautiful bed models made from plywood that are used by many customers today on the market, you can refer to it.

vietnam plywood bed 1


vietnam plywood bed 2


vietnam plywood bed 3


vietnam plywood bed 4


vietnam plywood bed 5


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